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Bond testing made easy

XYZTEC is the technology leader in bond testing worldwide. The Condor Sigma is the most advanced bond tester on the market, combining the unique strengths of the Condor series with the latest technologies and innovations.

High throughput and reliability

The Revolving Measurement Unit (RMU) enables continuous operation with up to six different test types on the one machine at forces up to 200kgf. Additionally, you can also choose for dedicated Measurement Units for pull tests, shear tests and impact tests. XYZTEC is unique in its high force products and next generation tweezers.

Flexibility and innovation

We offer specialized solutions for many state of the art technologies. For example, we have set the world standard in solar cell peel testing. Furthermore, our flexible machine design allows for the testing of high current copper bonds with our Condor 150HF that goes up to 500kgf.

Select your industry to see what solutions we can offer to your organization.

Why test bonds?

A knowledge of bond strength is essential to ensure product yield and quality. With our extensive knowledge of bond testing, we can provide you with advice on the specific type of tests your company requires.

Browse our website to increase your knowledge about bond testing and the solutions we provide. You can browse by test type, by solution industry or by product or you may want to find a XYZTEC representative in your region.

Aiming to improve understanding of bond testing in the industry, XYZTEC organizes seminars to present and disseminate knowledge in a straightforward format. Every seminar is focussed around a particular aspect of the science of bond testing.

Consumables webshop

The new XYZTEC consumables webshop provides our customers with a comprehensive, online platform for ordering a wide range of wire hooks, shear tools, tweezer tips and other items. Every part is fully illustrated, to enable the checking of parts in close detail if necessary, before placing an order.

Contact us

Please contact us for support, more information, to request a demonstration or a quotation.

XYZTEC Netherlands

J.F. Kennedylaan 14-B
5981 XC Panningen
Netherlands (map / route)

Tel: +31-77-3060920
Fax: +31-77-3060919

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XYZTEC Germany

Schäferei 18
06237 Leuna
OT Günthersdorf
(map / route)
Tel: +49-34638-666690
Fax: +49-34638-666695
Cell: +49-172-3272991

XYZTEC Massachusetts

36 Balch Avenue,
Groveland, MA 01834
(map / route)
Tel: +1-978-880-2598
Fax: +1-978-373-4292

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