Maximize your tests per minute with the XYZTEC Condor Sigma

Condor Sigma bond tester

Everybody has something to test. Are you still testing manually (with a single cartridge)? Go for the Condor Sigma, the most flexible bond tester in the market and give it a spin.

XYZTEC also offers a 300mm (12 inch) wafer testing machine for precision shear testing and Cold Bump Pull (CBP) with or without wafer handler.

Reasons why the Condor Sigma is the world's most popular bond tester

Superior speed

Featuring 50 mm/s the axes are very fast. Combined with efficient software, you get the highest UPH.


The Sigma's 1µm stage accuracy, large test volume and vision technology enable full automation.

Easy to use

The most ergonomic system on the market. New operators learn to use the software within hours.


XYZTEC's consultants are happy to help you with any special bond testing requests you might have.


We ensure correlation for cross referencing test results between old and new platforms.

Bond testing made easy

XYZTEC is the technology leader in bond testing worldwide. The Condor Sigma is the most advanced bond tester on the market, providing leading customers with fully automated solutions.

The Revolving Measurement Unit (RMU) enables continuous operation with up to six different test types on the one machine at forces up to 200kgf. Additionally, you can also choose for dedicated systems. XYZTEC is also unique in its high force products and next generation tweezers.

Aiming to improve understanding of bond testing in the industry, XYZTEC organizes seminars to present and disseminate knowledge in a straightforward format. Every seminar is focussed around a particular aspect of the science of bond testing.

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