XYZTEC team June 2016
XYZTEC team June 2016, from left to right: Clyde, John, Dirk, Arjen, Henk, Bas, Corinna, Tom, Herbert, Peter, Joep, Rick, Tom, Fer, Erik, Robbie, Bob, Rachel, Anne, Sam, Brian, Cor, Christian.

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XYZTEC is a medium sized organisation that employs approximately 30 people worldwide. Employees make the difference, we realize that only too well. This is why XYZTEC strives to create a good and stimulating working atmosphere and is constantly looking to improve the knowledge and competences of its work force. XYZTEC's managing director is Bas van Tilborg.

To stay ahead of the competition, we take part in relevant training courses and encourage employees to stay informed about the latest developments in the market. All employees take turns to visit shows and congresses.

XYZTEC's management team
XYZTEC's management team 2010

We acknowledge that not only expertise in the various technical fields is important, but also knowledge about the art of bonding and testing itself. To this end, we work closely together with bonding companies, our research partners, our suppliers and several of our world class customers.

Among our diverse team is one of the leading authorities in bond testing, namely Bob Sykes. Over the past few years, like customers, several knowledgeable people stepped over from our competitors to XYZTEC. Aubert Dupont, one of the founders of XYZTEC, is also still involved with the company.

To keep up with the growing demand for our products, we have been expanding our workforce substantially every year since 2007. Despite this fast growth, we do our best to protect our status as reliable partner with a human face. Our employees are result-oriented and the bond with each other and the company is strong. We care.

We hope to come in contact with you and learn what we can accomplish together. Click here to find job opportunities at XYZTEC.


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XYZTEC has a flat organisation, with short internal lines. Our management team consists of our managing director (and statutory director) Bas van Tilborg, chief technical officer Bob Sykes, global sales director Dirk Schade, Sigma team leader Cor van Mil and Manager Operations Fer Rheiter. Aubert Dupont, one of the founders of XYZTEC, is also still involved with the company.

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