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Many bond strength tests require a means to grip the part so that the strength of its bond can be tested. In many of these applications the geometry and force of the grip must be precisely controlled to ensure sufficient load can be applied to the bond without the act of gripping affecting the bond itself.

Advanced method settings screen when using Condor Sigma; the screens in the Classic software may differ
Advanced method settings screen when using Condor Sigma; the screens in the Classic software may differ

To cater for this the Condor Sigma offers a wide variation of tweezers with both a precise gripping action and the flexibility to suit a wide range of applications. Each of the 6 RMU positions can be equipped with manually controlled tweezers, while one RMU position is dedicated for an air controlled and/or electric (USB) controlled tweezer.

Electrically actuated

USB Tweezers

XYZTEC offers a unique electrically actuated micro grippers solution: USB Tweezers (download PDF flyer). The features include a powerful software, fully programmable closing force and positioning, a built-in adjustable light source and easily exchangeable tips. Designed especially for solder ball pull, thick wire pull, thin wire pull and ribbon peel test.

Virtually any application

The system is designed to be compatible with the commonly used Condor series: Sigma and Classic. This ensures consistency in your measurement results between different testers. The USB tweezers are fitted to a standard pull sensor.

This sensor can also be used to sense when the tips of the jaws touch your sample and can be used to land with a programmable force. However, the USB Tweezers are a stand-alone device and can be used with other systems and virtually any application.

Intelligent jaws

The gripping jaws (tweezers with tips) are driven by a built-in closed loop 3-phase brushless micro drive to accurately open or close. The jaw actuators incorporate a strain gauge to precisely measure and control the gripping force.

The gripping force can be programmed and will be maintained throughout the test with a force control loop. Similarly, the position of the jaws is known and controlled via the closed loop micro motor. This also enables programmable control of the closing and opening positions.

Exchange tips of USB Tweezers within seconds
Exchange tips of USB Tweezers within seconds

Exchange tips within seconds

A thumbscrew allows for quick and easy exchanging of tips. There is a standard range of tips to suit many different applications, for example gold wire pull or aluminium ribbon peel. Custom tip designs for application specific requirements are also possible.

Built-in LED lighting

The tweezers come complete with built-in high intensity LED light source. The power and control of the tweezers is delivered by one USB connection to the machine or computer.

CBP Jaw Cleaner

During use solder builds up in the cavity in cold bump pull (CBP) jaws. This reduces their grip efficiency and affects the quality of your measurements. Cleaning the cavities is very difficult and small ball cavities can be damaged easily. Click here to find out more information about XYZTEC's patented solution: the CBP Jaw Cleaner.


Maximum clamping force8 kgf
Adjustable clamping force0-8 kgf
Maximum pull force10 kgf
Average closing time1 s
Adjustable LED brightness0-100 %
Rotation stroke±90 °
Programmable closing forceyes
Programmable opening positionyes
Easy exchange of tipsyes
Compatible with Condor Sigmayes
Compatible with Condor Classicyes
Supports Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7, 32 and 64 bit systems

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Mechanically actuated tweezers

Mechanical tweezer for forces up to 50 kgf
Mechanical tweezer for forces up to 50 kgf

The XYZTEC mechanically actuated tweezers are developed for high force pull tests. Tests with forces up to 500 N / 50 kgf can be performed. Typical applications are pull tests on electrical connections like studs, connectors or even pulling off entire devices. The tool can handle objects up to 3 mm thickness.

Pin pull on FR4
Pin pull on FR4

The compact design can handle up to 500N although the maximum force is limited by the type of jaws used. The tweezers initially generate a small gripping force that increases during a test under the action of the applied load. Jaws have to be matched to the type of test. For this there are a number of standard jaws available but customized jaws can also be provided.


Maximum clamping force100 kgf
Adjustable clamping force50 kgf
Please contact us for further specifications

USB Tweezers case
USB Tweezers case

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