Challenging traditional approaches, XYZTEC's dedicated R&D team have developed a number of innovative technologies that provide a variety of ways to improve bond testing. Some of these developments are protected by patents, granted in Europe, the United States of America, China, Taiwan and/or other territories. Among these are:

Digital creep and drift correction


Sensor apparatus for determining a deformation due to creep in an output of a sensor, said sensor apparatus comprising force means arranged for applying a mechanical force to said sensor, said sensor arranged for measuring, in a current measurement, a displacement of said sensor caused by said applied force and a processor component arranged for determining said deformation due to creep for a next measurement by said sensor.

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EP2473832, WO2011028107, CN102770747, ZL201080049812.5, PCT/NL2010/050545

Self aligning shear tool patented by XYZTEC
Side view self aligning shear tool patented by XYZTEC


Product: Self Aligning Shear test solution

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Solder cleaning system

WO2016012357, PCT/EP2015/066389, CN2017022201023170, GB20140013225

The present invention provides a method of cleaning solder from the jaws of a solder ball test device. The method comprising the steps of heating a gas to a temperature above the melting temperature of the solder and directing the heated gas over the jaws of a solder ball test device to remove solder from said jaws. An apparatus which for carrying out the method is also disclosed.

Product: CBP Cavity Cleaner

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Other patents

Several other XYZTEC patents have not been published yet.

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