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Ergonomic view Condor
Ergonomic view Condor

XYZTEC makes bond testing easy!

To provide the best bond test platform available on the market, XYZTEC features the Condor with a set of specially designed ergonomical joysticks, a built-in keyboard drawer, an easy microscope support and special dedicated software, which will make your work very ergonomic, fast and easy with increased efficiency.

Adjust the eye height, X & Y alignment, magnification or focus independently using the IEZ/I Microscope Support
Adjust the eye height, X & Y alignment, magnification or focus independently using the EZ Microscope Support

Microscopes can be difficult to setup so that they are both comfortable to use and provide a high quality image. The EZ microscope support separates the principle adjustments of eye height, X & Y alignment, magnification and focus so that each can be precisely made without losing the other. It retains our extremely useful and unique feature of allowing the microscope to be moved out of its operating position for easy access when loading samples.

EZ Joysticks
EZ Joysticks

A great strength of the established Condor Expert software is that it is completely open, allowing you to easily customize it for the widest range of tests. For more standard applications, the Condor EZ software features onboard graphics and intelligent wizards, providing intuitive operator control as well as sophisticated SPC software. It ensures complete documentation of the test protocol, provides preset configurations and simple, intuitive operator screens, making it ideal for the production environment. The more capable and flexible options are still there should you need them, but they can be hidden for day to day use.

Ergonomic view Condor 3D
Ergonomic view Condor 3D

The Condor joysticks are ergonomically friendly, offer easy control for X, Y and Z manipulation to move the stages to the desired position. The joysticks feature 12 logically arranged buttons for increased operator efficiency. All important software functions can be controlled by a single touch of a button to ensure simplicity without the need for the operator to look away from the microscope. This, combined with the option of keypad control, makes testing a stress free operation.

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