Comparison Revolving Measurement Unit (RMU) and single heads

In addition to dedicated pull, push, shear and impact measurement units, with XYZTEC you can opt for a Revolving Measurement Unit (RMU).

To help you to make your choice, see the comparison table below:

SystemRevolving Measurement Unit (RMU)One Measurement Unit (cartridge)

HistoryNew technology with improved flexibilityTraditional design

ConfigurationFour sensors (transducers)
Four applications and functions
All of the sensors and functions are independent, which means that if one is broken, all others remain operational and instantly available.
Four different tools for four different applications (wire pull, ball shear, die shear, ribbon peel, etcetera).
One sensor (transducer)
One application
If you require multiple applications, you will have to change units (cartridges) very often.

Start up timeAll four measurement sensors are powered up and ready for immediate use.After changing to a different module (cartridge), a warm up time of up to 30 minutes is required, before the specified accuracy can be attained.

OperationVery simple standard operating procedures to exchange sensors, without the risk of damage.
Functions and applications are changed in 5 seconds, under software control.
No need to exchange the module (cartridge) manually.
Software and hardware are designed to prevent any damage when applications are exchanged.
No connector wear out issue in the RMU.
Modules (cartridges) must be exchanged manually.
Changeover must be done carefully to avoid damaging the sensors (transducers).
The connector is subjected to many operations, which results in reduced life.
Frequent exchange of modules increases the risk of damage, for example if a cartridge is dropped.

ServiceIf one sensor (transducer) is broken, the other sensors remain available for instant and convenient use.In case of problems, the cartridge must be repaired or replaced.

CostOne RMU costs less than four measurement units (cartridges).
Maintenance free.
No damage cost during application changeover.
High costs when sensors (transducers) are damaged during module exchange.
Lower life expectancy because of connector wear.
Operators require more training; more system procedures required.


How many times do you expect you need to change applications on your bond tester? If you buy single purpose testers and hold sufficient spare parts, single measurement units (cartridges) are probably the better choice. Otherwise, consider choosing a Revolving Measurement Unit (RMU) to reduce the total cost of ownership and increase productivity.

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