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With the directive for 'hazardous substances' (RoHS directive 2002/95/EC and WEEE directive 2002/96/EC) the European Union has made an important step for the implementation of environmental requirements into the manufacturing of electronic assemblies.

Prior to the introduction of this directive on July the 1st 2006, companies performed many studies on the process capability and technical reliability of Pb-free solders to ensure equivalent products. The mechanical stability of the bonded assemblies played an integral role during the research. To test the stability, a shear test can be used to determine the strength of different components. In other cases, pull or mechanical shock testing may be more appropriate. Miniaturization of structures and components demand more and more from production equipment and operator.

XYZTEC provide special testing procedures for PCB boards, our standard Condor Sigma and Condor 150-3 are qualified for high precision shear and creep tests which are ideal for production QA and product development.

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Aiming to improve understanding of bond testing in the industry, XYZTEC organizes seminars to present and disseminate knowledge in a straightforward format. Click here to find out more about bond testing seminars.

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Relevant test types

A wide variety of test types are relevant for PCB assembly, among which are:

Pull testing

Shear testing

Bending test

Special applications

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