Shear tests

Test types

Lateral load applied normal to face of component


The most common test is a shear test. Performing a shear test, a bond tester applies lateral load to the sample and shears the bond from it surface.


The choice between pull or shear testing depends on the application and the test objectives. We have experience with different test types and can advise you on how to test in order to get the best information for your quality assurance process.



  • Wires at bond 1 or bond 2
  • SMT components
  • BGA’s
  • Flip chips
  • Bump shear on underside of devices
  • Stacked chips (2.5d builds)
  • Diodes
  • LED
  • Materials testing in adhesive design and performance
  • Automative industry
  • Ultrasonic weld performance testing
  • Power electronics
  • IGBT’s


  • Standard shear tools
  • Customized shear tools


  • JESD22-B116 – Au Ball Shear
  • JEDEC JESD22-B117 – Solder Ball Shear
  • ASTM F1269 – Ball Bond Shear

Shear test types

Click the play button to see a shear test type video or read more by clicking on the link below.


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