Ultra fine pitch 와 leading edge geometries 에 많은 반도체 적용부분이 있습니다. 이와 유사한 장치들을 테스트하는 것은 정밀한 마이크로 크기의 움직임과 정확한 작은 응력 측정을 요구하고 있습니다. 이와는 반대로 Die shear 테스트는 500kgf 응력을 요구하기도 합니다. 모든 적용은 정확한 테스트 하중과 응력측정에 필요한 정밀한 tooling 과 샘플 조작이 요구됩니다.

XYZTEC Condor Sigma range 는 이 모든 요구사항에 적합하도록 디자인되어 있습니다.

Units per hour study results
Units per hour study results

Increase your bondtesting throughput

The Condor Sigma is not only the most accurate bondtester in the world, but also the fastest. Click here to read the study that proves the Condor Sigma is up to 39% faster than the competition.

Automatic wire detect

As more and more companies are making the transition to automatic wire pull testing, the engineers are also finding out its limitations. On many products, the placement of wires is not consistent and simple automation programs will miss the wire or pull two wires at once. XYZTEC's Condor Sigma is the only bond tester in the world to overcome this problem with its automatic wire detect functionality: click here to read more.

Bond testing seminars

Aiming to improve understanding of bond testing in the industry, XYZTEC organizes seminars to present and disseminate knowledge in a straightforward format. Click here to find out more about bond testing seminars.

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Relevant test types

A wide variety of test types are relevant for this industry, among which are:

Shear testing

Pull testing

Special applications

Please contact us if you have any special tweezer requirements.

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