Stud pull with self aligning plate
Stud pull with self aligning plate

Stud pull

Highly reproducible stud pull tests are possible

The stud pull test is based on the principle that an adhesive connection is made with the carrier (or object to be tested) by using a glue that is stronger than the bond that needs to be tested.

The Condor Sigma can be provided with a micro dispenser that can dispense very small drops of glue (micro liter amounts) very accurately and is cured with UV light. Combined with a USB Tweezer and special tips that look like the inverse of a mushroom, a glass stud can be taken from a magazine fully automatically and placed with a predefined pressure on the surface with the glue. Click here to read all about this solution.

다양한 분야의 Stud pull

Key pad 위의 Stud pull 테스트
Key pad 위의 Stud pull 테스트

얇은 die attach 에 대안 테스트

Stud pull 테스트는 FR4 보드에 pressed pins 또는 dies 테스트에 사용됩니다. Die attach 경우, work holder 에 clamp 되고 Stud 가 테스트되는 부분에 접착됩니다. Stud 는 tweezer 또는 특별히 고안된 tool 에 의해 당겨집니다. Stud pull적용에 따라 XYZTEC은 몇 g 에서 500 kgf 까지 해결책을 드립니다. Manual tweezer 는 40kgf 까지 테스트 가능하며, 옵션으로 파괴 모드분석과 동영상 촬영이 가능한 카메라가 있습니다.

See also: lid pull test by mechanical grip method

As an alternative to stud pull, XYZTEC developed the lid pull test by mechanical grip method. This approach eliminates the need for disposable metal block/studs and adhesives. Thus it is quicker, safer for operators and avoids clean room contamination. Click here to read more about lid pull.

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