Shear tool shaft 7 mm, width 10 mm

Shear tool shaft 7 mm, width 10 mm

  • Shaft diameter 7 mm
  • Shaft length 40 mm
  • Tooltip width 10 mm
  • Tooltip depth 2,5 mm
  • Classic compatible



Shear tools are suitable for many different applications. We define standard shear tools by their shaft diameter, shaft length, and the width and depth of the tooltip. Besides the standard tools, we design custom solutions to fulfill all test requirements.


Alignment shear tool

Which shear tool do I need?

The minimum tool width is the same as the sample deformation. A slightly wider tool is acceptable if you consider the tool alignment, adjacent bonds, and other parts of the sample.

  • Tools are made from hardened tool steel or tungsten carbide.
    • Hardened tool steel is both hard and tough and typically ideal for high force application
    • Tungsten carbide is extremely hard to resist wear but brittle and can have a very sharp tip for small geometries
  • Make sure you choose the tool which is compatible with your bond tester: Sigma or Classic

Contact us if you are unsure which item to select or require customization.



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