XYZTEC's Chinese Patent ZL201080049812.5 Improvements to high force die shear tooling
XYZTEC's Chinese Patent ZL201080049812.5 Improvements to high force die shear tooling

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Challenging traditional approaches, XYZTEC's dedicated R&D team have developed a number of innovative technologies that provide a variety of ways to improve bond testing. Some of these developments are protected by patents, granted in Europe, the United States of America, China, Taiwan and/or other territories. Among these are:

Digital creep and drift correction

NL2016315, WO2017146566

Sensor apparatus for determining a deformation due to creep in an output of a sensor, said sensor apparatus comprising force means arranged for applying a mechanical force to said sensor, said sensor arranged for measuring, in a current measurement, a displacement of said sensor caused by said applied force and a processor component arranged for determining said deformation due to creep for a next measurement by said sensor.

Links: BPP eRegister, Espacenet.

Improvements to high force die shear tooling

EP2473832, WO2011028107, CN102770747, ZL201080049812.5, PCT/NL2010/050545

Self aligning shear tool patented by XYZTEC
Side view self aligning shear tool patented by XYZTEC

A test device for shear testing semiconductor die bonded to a substrate. Shear block being self aligning and made from a soft material to minimise stresses on the die caused by the test load thereby reducing or eliminating any damage to the die. Different block designs can be made to suit different applications, shear face being tailored to test either single die, die placed very closely to each other or stacked die. The depth of shear face may be less than the die thickness ensuring that the bond surface is not damaged by block during the test.

Product: Self Aligning Shear test solution

Links: Espacenet, Google, EP-register, BPP eRegister.

Solder cleaning system

WO2016012357, PCT/EP2015/066389, CN2017022201023170, CN107073527, GB20140013225, US20170209903

The present invention provides a method of cleaning solder from the jaws of a solder ball test device. The method comprising the steps of heating a gas to a temperature above the melting temperature of the solder and directing the heated gas over the jaws of a solder ball test device to remove solder from said jaws. An apparatus which for carrying out the method is also disclosed.

Product: CBP Cavity Cleaner

Links: Espacenet, Google, Patentscope

A method for determining a strength of a bond and/or a material as well as a bond tester apparatus

WO2017/099590, PCT/NL2016/050850

This invention is for a method of improving accuracy when measuring a force of changing magnitude where said force is measured by a change in a part of the sensors position which is a function of said force. It also provides a method that may reduce adverse effects, commonly referred to as "ringing" or "artefacts" when any type of signal is filtered.

Links: Espacenet, Patentscope

Other patents

Several other XYZTEC patents have not been published yet.

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