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16 АПРЕЛЬ 2019

SMTconnect Germany 2019

May 7-9, 2019 in Nuremberg - Hall 4A, Booth 147

The trade fair SMT Hybrid Packaging takes place this year under a new name SMTconnect with the new motto: "Solutions for electronic assemblies and systems". At our booth 4A/147 we will introduce you to interesting automated bond testing solutions for high forces, large working areas and lead frames.

Sigma HF is a bondtester for forces up to 1000 kgf
Sigma HF is a bond tester for forces up to 1000 kgf

Sigma HF – Come and see the new version of our High Force bond tester!

The next millennium has begun. XYZTEC has developed a new test system capable of applying accurate shear, pull and push forces for automotive battery applications and applications requiring larger working area or higher forces up to 1000 kgf.

Condor Sigma MAG is a fully automatic magazine handler for lead frame testing
Condor Sigma MAG is a fully automatic magazine handler for lead frame testing

Sigma MAG – Magazine handler live in action!

By combining our state of the art Sigma with an independent lead frame loader/un-loader, we can offer a hands-off fully automated bond test solution for testing all sizes of lead frames, cassettes, magazines, PCB’s, Flex and boat carriers.

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We look forward to seeing you at our booth!

Bob Sykes

XYZTECs CTO Bob Sykes retires in April 2019

We are both delighted and disheartened to announce that XYZTEC's CTO Bob Sykes retires in April 2019. Since joining XYZTEC in 2009 Bob has made a major contribution in the company’s growth, with XYZTEC transcending from one of the important players in the bond testing market to its number one spot today, both in technology and worldwide annual sales. The Condor Sigma and several XYZTEC patents being among his major accomplishments.

His retirement is not really a goodbye. Bob will remain active for XYZTEC towards the future, but obviously less intensively. We wish Bob all the best in this next chapter of his life.

We are hiring!

We are looking for an Electronic Engineer for our HQ in Panningen, The Netherlands. The job description below is in Dutch, as the job opening is for our Dutch office. However, good English capability is required.

Application Electronic Engineer at XYZTEC

Electronic Engineer

Kun jij elektronische schakelingen ontwerpen? Ben jij breed inzetbaar voor het ontwikkelen en testen van meetmethodes voor grote spelers in de semiconductor industrie? Lijkt het je leuk de wereld over te reizen met ons salesteam om deze applicaties te demonstreren? Reageer dan nu op deze functie!


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