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We have 21 products in the Sigma wire hooks category. We typically have these items in stock, available for immediate shipment. Please email us or call us at +31-77-3060920 for an instant stock check.

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Item codeDescriptionPrice
Wire Hook Standard D25µm, F75µm, L30mm, S0,5mm (0.02 inch)€ 50.00Add:
Wire Hook Standard D50µm, F150µm, L30mm, S0,5mm (0.02 inch)€ 50.00Add:
Wire Hook Standard D75µm, F225µm, L30mm, S0,5mm (0.02 inch)€ 50.00Add:
Wire Hook Standard D100µm, F300µm, L30mm, S0,5mm (0.02 inch)€ 50.00Add:
Wire Hook Fine Pitch D25µm, F50µm, L30mm, S0,5mm (0.02 inch)€ 80.00Add:
Wire Hook Fine Pitch D50µm, F100µm, L30mm, S0,5mm (0.02 inch)€ 80.00Add:
Wire Hook Fine Pitch D75µm, F150µm, L30mm, S0,5mm (0.02 inch)€ 80.00Add:
Wire Hook Fine Pitch D100µm, F200µm, L30mm, S0,5mm (0.02 inch)€ 80.00Add:
Wire Hook Standard D150µm, F450µm, L30mm, S0,5mm (0.02 inch)€ 50.00Add:
Wire Hook Standard D200µm, F600µm, L30mm, S0,5mm (0.02 inch)€ 50.00Add:
Wire Hook Standard D250µm, F750µm, L30mm, S0,5mm (0.02 inch)€ 50.00Add:
Wire Hook Standard D300µm, F900µm, L30mm, S0,5mm (0.02 inch)€ 50.00Add:
Wire Hook Standard D400µm, F1200µm, L30mm, S0,5mm (0.02 inch)€ 50.00Add:
Wire Hook Standard D500µm, F1500µm, L30mm, S0,5mm (0.02 inch)€ 50.00Add:
Wire Hook Standard D600µm, F1800µm, L30mm, S1,2mm€ 50.00Add:
Wire Hook Standard D700µm, F2100µm, L30mm, S1,2mm€ 50.00Add:
Wire Hook Standard D800µm, F2400µm, L30mm, S1,2mm€ 50.00Add:
Wire Hook Standard D900µm, F2700µm, L30mm, S1,2mm€ 50.00Add:
Wire Hook Standard D1000µm, F3000µm, L30mm, S1,2mm€ 50.00Add:
Wire Hook Standard D1100µm, F3300µm, L30mm, S1,2mm€ 50.00Add:
Wire Hook Standard D1200µm, F3600µm, L30mm, S1,2mm€ 50.00Add:

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