Condor 150-4 HF with safety guards
Condor 150-4 HF with safety guards

Condor 150 High Force

  • Superior frame stiffness
  • Up to 500kgf, bi-directional capability
  • Horizontal and vertical force measuring applications
  • Features full 3D automatic testing
  • Various interlocked safety guards available
  • Compatible with all other Condor Classic hardware

The mammoth under the bond testers

With the Condor 150HF, XYZTEC offers an unique 500kgf force driving platform for measuring all kinds of horizontally and vertically tested bonds, using pull, peel, push or shear methods; either destructive or non-destructive, while maintaining superior frame stiffness. Typical applications include flip-chip die shear testing, power module bond testing as well as full automatic testing.

To eliminate the unwanted effect of frame deflection during test, the Condor Classic 150HF features specially designed bars on each side of the system, which guarantee that the stiffness remains perfect throughout its full 500kgf range.

Machine safety guards

For added security, the Condor Classic 150HF can be equipped with an optional interlocked machine safety guard. There are various types of machine safety guards to choose from. When the use of a microscope is required or one need to access the machine completely to easily exchange samples, XYZTEC offers a backwards sliding machine safety enclosure with sliding doors and a panel cut-out for the microscope. In case the samples are substantially large and a microscope is not required, a machine safety guard with one lift-up panel for quick access is available.

Full three-dimensional (3D) automatic testing

What makes the Condor Classic 150HF unique is the combination of all the above mentioned specs and the fact that our Condor Software offers full three-dimensional automatic testing by default. The real 3D capabilities provide unsurpassed access to automatic testing, which enables the reduction of overall cost of ownership and manpower, while increasing the measuring reproducibility.

Revolving and dedicated test heads

The Condor Classic series offers a single platform with multiple test capabilities allowing end-users the added flexibility of performing many types of tests, all on one system. In addition to standard bond testing applications such as wire pull, ball shear and die shear, the Condor has the capability to perform peel testing, push testing, and roller testing.

All of these tests can be done on one revolving test head that features four different measurement sensors. The system can perform mechanical shock testing by changing the test head for impact testing or ribbon peel testing of photovoltaic cells by using USB tweezers. XYZTEC also offers dedicated pull & push cartridges or shear cartridges.

Video showing a Condor 150HF shearing a die

Ergonomics and specifications

Click here to learn about the unique ergonomics of the Condor or click here for the specifications of the Condor Classic platform.

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