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Practical storage system for consumables
Practical storage system for consumables

The Condor Classic Series in more detail

The mammoth of all bond testers is our Condor 150HF (High Force) which offers an extreme specification of 500kgf using an 150mm stroke X/Y stage.

If you are looking for the Condor Sigma bond tester specifications, click here. Please contact us for specs on the Condor EZ, Condor 70, Condor 100 and Condor 250 series.


Condor 150-3 HF95 

DimensionsW [mm]D [mm]H [mm]
Condor 150-3 HF650582595

Axis - travelX [mm]Y [mm]Z [mm]
Condor 150-3 HF150150190

Axis - standard resolutionX [µm]Y [µm]Z [µm]
Condor 150-3 HF1.041.041.04

Axis - standard maximum speedX [mm/s]Y [mm/s]Z [mm/s]
Condor 150-3 HF5.05.05.0

Axis - standard maximum forceX [kgf]Y [kgf]Z [kgf]
Condor 150-3 HF100500100

Axis - standard motion type (see below)XYZ
Condor 150-3 HFF1F2F1

Axis - optional motion types for Condor 150HF seriesresolution [µm]max. speed [mm/s]max. force [kgf]

Additional specifications
Power supply
Sensor specifications (including accuracy)

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Condor Classic series and ergonomics

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