Bob Sykes presenting at a bond testing seminar
Bob Sykes presenting at a bond testing seminar

Bond testing seminars

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為了增進和提供我們客戶更多的剪切力測試的知識和解決方案, XYZTEC 賽世鐵克安排了一系列的 研討會 來傳遞專業知識並以最直接簡單的方式來簡報. 每一場的 研討會 都是專注在剪切力測試原理的特別定題.

The XYZTEC expert holds an informative presentation and invites the attendees to participate by asking questions and sharing their thoughts and experience on the subject. Additionally, every seminar provides the opportunity for your quality control engineers to discuss any bond testing challenges that your company is facing with the XYZTEC experts.

Seven modules

Currently, we have composed 7 different bond testing seminar modules, each containing multiple sections:

  • 1 推拉力測試原理
    • 1.1 推拉力測試的目標
    • 1.2 基本推拉力測試的參數和資料產出
  • The science of bond testing. The
    The science of bond testing. The 'golden rules of bond testing' (seminar 1.1) provide good rules of thumb to set up the best test for your product
  • 2 操作
    • 2.1 拉力測試
    • 2.2 推力測試
    • 2.3 特別測試
    • 2.4 推拉力測試的環境
  • 3 資料
    • 3.1 測量結果
    • 3.2 統計
  • 4 效能
    • 4.1 感測器精度
    • 4.2 各軸精度
    • 4.3 測試位移距離和速度的精度
  • 5 顯微鏡, 攝像頭, 照明裝置
    • 5.1 顯微鏡
    • 5.2 攝像頭
  • 6 全自動化測試
    • 6.1 全自動化測試原理
    • 6.2 全自動化的程序測試
  • 7 系統設計
    • 7.1 測試樣品的夾持/夾具
    • 7.2 人體工學設計
    • 7.3 簡易操作設計
    • 7.4 應用的範圍
    • 7.5 傳感器
A slide from bond testing module 1.1: Bond testing objectives
A slide from bond testing module 1.1: Bond testing objectives

When and where

The seminars are held in various locations all over the world. The series presents networking opportunities, attracting a broad spectrum of attendees. However, XYZTEC is open to organize dedicated sessions for interested customers, depending on the demand and schedule.

To find out whether any seminar is scheduled in your area or to request a private session, please contact us. Because of the popular demand we cannot fulfill every request.

How to test bonds?

Click here to go to this website's extensive how-to section. We currently offer how-to's on Cold Bump Pull (CBP), Wire Pull (WP) and Tweezer Pull (TP) and much more.

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XYZTEC CTO Bob Sykes at CSPT 2017
XYZTEC CTO Bob Sykes at CSPT 2017

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