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Loading samples has never been so easy

Loading samples has never been so easy

Microscope support swivel

This important requirement is overlooked by almost every bond test supplier and consequently can result in lower units per hour and significantly increasing the risk of damaging the sample and test tool. The Sigma has four vital features to give you the optimum solution.

Easy to use

On completion of an automation, the test head (RMU) retracts to a programmable safe height, the X and Y stage then move to a programmable load/unload position. Unique to xyztec machines the microscope can then be moved to the side giving clear and safe access for loading and unloading.

Work holders are clamped by a simple single lever and can be removed and replaced in seconds with the required precision for fiducial mark capture and the capability to withstand the full 200kgf test force if required.


Quick release handle

The red handle clamps and releases the simplest to the most complex work holder in seconds. It positions the work holder very accurately and can withstand the full 200kgf test force

Quick release heater workholder-web

It works on your sample too!

If you are interested in a live demonstration of the Sigma on your sample or perhaps for more bond testing inspiration, contact us today! Click here to watch our automation video or here to watch the video of the contactless cavity cleaner.

Microscope support swivel

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