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Xyztec raises the bar in bond testing with new software release

Xyztec raises the bar in bond testing with new software release


In close cooperation with selected customers and partners from the Semiconductor, Automobile and Raw material industries, xyztec has developed Sigma software release 5.5. The free software upgrade increases the units per hour by up to 140%. All customers are recommended to upgrade, as it takes the bond testing experience to a whole new level with unique features that no other brand of bond testers even comes close to.



Condor Sigma Area of interest

Integration of wafer handler, barcode reader

To minimize handling risks XYZTEC implemented a wafer handler interface into the Sigma and Sigma W12Automation programs can be initiated manually, by the wafer loader or by a barcode reader.

Depending on the active sensor and the application it is sometimes necessary to work with different sample load and initial positions for different tools. With the new Sigma software, you are always one click of a button away from moving to either of these positions. Xyztec also improved the automation routine in such a way that it simplifies the tool length and angle correction after replacing tools.


Superior measurement capabilities

The 5.5 release also contains a lot of other additions that may be relevant for you; a selection of sensors/methods by form, measuring loop height, measuring height difference between objects (probe test), positional correction factor (force triangle), full hook control in automation, improved camera screens, multiple camera support for automation and pull auto hook functionality with hook shift, especially developed for fine pitch applications. The Sigma can even be used as a pick and place machine.

Probe test results with statistical data

SPC warnings

Creating data with a xyztec bond tester is an easy step. The challenge is to get the right interpretation for your results. The Sigma therefore offers a new fail and warning system called SPC warnings. Depending on the measurement result the measurement can be considered a warning, a fail, the operator can be forced to enter a remark and the software can even block the tester until an engineer checks the results and releases the tester to continue.

For the more special requirements XYZTEC offers the most extensive list of measurement results in the market. Your choice can be between standard peak force, average force, minimum force, force range, peak energy, total energy and standard deviation. We also offer pressure and distance (loop height and probe). Also on these results all statistical values are available for analysis.

All results can be shown as table of values, or in multiple types of graphs. For every result we offer full trend graphs and also offer separate control limits and SPC warnings.


Overlay graphs of multiple measurements

Condor Sigma graph overlay multiple measurements

The new software also offers an easy way to overlay the force- or hysteresis graphs for multiple measurements. This makes comparing the graphs from multiple measurements possible. The force graphs now also offer a very easy way to select a Area Of Interest. Based on this setting the measurement results can be recalculated. The Area of Interest is shown in the graph as a colored area. This function is especially useful for peel testing, but can also be used for pull- or shear testing.

A general and form based setting, when used, limits the number of samples that is shown in the test screen. This way it is possible to (for example) always see the last 25 samples for the current method and form. An auto print feature automatically prints the selected report for this dataset as a pdf file when this number of samples has been reached. The forms also offer an auto filter feature that will only show the measurements and samples for a specific field value or set of field values.

If you would like to use these new functions or would like additional information, do not hesitate and contact us to request a demonstration, bond testing seminar or a quotation.


Upgrade to 5.5 now

Click here to download Sigma software version 5.5 and upgrade now. Contact your local XYZTEC distributor to assist you if required.



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