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A bond tester that can grow with your company

A bond tester that can grow with your company


Future proof performance and flexibility

With Sigma Lite xyztec gives you a low-cost entry point without sacrificing performance to meet future demands. The Sigma Lite is upgradeable to the specifications of the regular Sigma and beyond. Whether you need a dedicated or multipurpose bond tester, the Sigma platform is the best choice featuring unparalleled accuracy, the best ergonomics, highest throughput, maximum flexibility and the lowest cost of ownership.

Use existing tools and work holders

This system is designed to be compatible with the most commonly used work holders and tooling, that you may already have in stock. The compatibility modes ensure consistency in your measurement results across machines. Equipped with the most powerful intuitive software, operators can quickly learn to use the Sigma Lite alongside your existing equipment and procedures.


Revolving Measurement Unit

The Revolving Measurement Unit (RMU) with 6 sensor positions eliminates warm up time and greatly reduces the risk of sensor damage. The standard configuration is max. 100 kgf shear and 10 kgf pull and push, but it can be upgraded to 200 kgf shear and 100 kgf pull and push. This flexibility allows the bond tester to expand with your growing business.


Modular and open design

All sensor modules are interchangeable and fit any single heads and the Revolving Measurement Unit. Fully calibrated and tested, each sensor module can be removed and replaced within a few minutes. Our calibration is also compatible with calibration sets from other suppliers.

The open frame design and the same stroke for all three stages offer the capability to handle different sample sizes with little or no special tooling. High accuracy quick release work holders and measurement units ensure rapid sample loading and production setup.



Click here to check the specifications and see whether the Lite is the right system for you, or if you should select a different Sigma system.


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