LEGO® for Nepal sponsored by XYZTEC


“LEGO® voor Nepal” sponsored by XYZTEC

The first exchange in April 2018 of the project “LEGO® voor Nepal” sponsored by XYZTEC was a great experience with an even greater result.

The project "LEGO® for Nepal" is part of Stichting Edulent en Volunteer Society Nepal. Its goal is to enable young people in Nepal to become acquainted with science, technology, architecture and mathematics. Research has shown that when young people make contact with science and technology at an early stage, they are more likely to develop interest and talent for this.

The FIRST®LEGO®League team Casimir Tech from Eindhoven participated in this first exchange program. The students from the Netherlands learned the CBIA students from Nepal (Kathmandu) about building robots, teamwork, programming and core values. The project not only had a significant impact on the participants, but also a positive impact on the entire local community in which they live. The students from Nepal now have a programming class weekly.

XYZTEC is proud to participate in this project. May future exchanges the coming years being even more successful.

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