Teaming up with Micronnect B.V. and BRIDGE S.r.l.

Teaming up with Micronnect B.V. and BRIDGE S.r.l.

Deal Micronnect

Technology leader xyztec keeps expanding by adding 2 new European distributors to the team. Xyztec would like to welcome Micronnect B.V., which will serve The Netherlands and Belgium, and BRIDGE S.r.l. a new contact for Italy and Malta. Both companies are already experienced with bond testing and enthusiastic to be part of the xyztec team.

Micronnect B.V.

Micronnect B.V. is the “One Stop Shop” company to European users and serves 150 organizations in 21 countries for bonding products (equipment, tools, and materials) and services (maintenance, training and process optimization).

High-tech campus 9
5656 AE Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Tel: +31-40 294 02 65

Micronnect B.V.

Deal-Micronnect BV


BRIDGE S.r.l. Philosophy is to connect (bridge) bonding equipment among which XYZTEC’s bond testers with the Italian customers. More than 25 years of experience in Electronics, Semiconductors, and Automations, allow BRIDGE to provide valuable support to the customers.

Micronnect and BRIDGE are both great additions to xyztec’s international sales and distribution network. After an intensive sales- and service training last week at the xyztec HQ in Panningen, they are completely ready to represent xyztec in Europe.

Via Breda, 30/7
10010 Burolo (TO)

Tel: +39 3492386092



Deal Micronnect

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