Xyztec spreads bond testing knowledge

Xyztec spreads bond testing knowledge

Presentation Bangkok service training 2019

One of our goals as a technology leader in bond testing is “global presence and local support”. The key to this success is to spread knowledge through our annual sales and services meetings.

Service training Bangkok

This week, xyztec held the sales and service training in Bangkok to share our knowledge with our Asian partners. Over 30 sales and service engineers from Greater China, Japan and the rest of Asia Pacific participated in this interactive training in Bangkok.

As always, the meeting includes a technology update. This year several software updates concern automated testing and automatic analysis. Furthermore, the relevant sales and service details on the latest bond tester platforms capable of testing high forces and large working areas with extreme precision were uncovered.

Sigma High Force and Large area

The xyztec Sigma HF is capable of applying accurate rotational shear, pull and push forces for forces up to 1000 kgf. This High Force bond tester is especially designed for high power devices. Similar bond testers, the Sigma L and Sigma XL, are extremely relevant for applications requiring larger working areas. The Large area bond tester comes with our state of art Revolving Measurement Unit (RMU) for forces up to 200 kgf and using. More information about these bond testers will follow very soon. You can come and see the new version of our High Force bond tester at the SMTconnect in Nuremberg in the second week of May.

Xyztec spreads bond testing knowledge to partners worldwide

We shared successful sales stories among distributors and we discussed the latest innovations on the Sigma MAG, also available with a safety cabinet. Besides that, our partners had the opportunity to update their skills and knowledge. The training was productive and fun and our partners are ready to provide our customers with the best support at all times!

Xyztec training in Bangkok

Presentation Bangkok service training 2019

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