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How to: Cold Bump Pull (CBP)

How to: Tweezer Pull

如何: 进行推力测试


Sigma bond testers meet the demanding test requirements of the semiconductor industry. A Sigma guarantees robust test capabilities on fine-pitch and small-scale packaging applications through tailored hardware and software solutions by providing micron-scale positional accuracy and best-in-class sensor resolution.


We are proud to offer dedicated test equipment solutions to support wafer-level packaging test requirements. The Sigma W12 can support wafers up to 12 inches and provide detailed wafer mapping and reliable optical solutions to support wafer-level packaging applications’ needs.


We offer various solutions to provide seamless bond testing integration with semiconductor production lines. A Sigma has full automation and SECS/GEM upstream/downstream communication capabilities. You can integrate the system into equipment front-end modules (EFEM) for semiconductor production applications to include automated part-loaders (i.e. magazine loaders).


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