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Danfoss A/S is an international Group and a leader in research, development and production of mechanical and electronic components and solutions. The company employs approximately 24,000 people globally. Production takes place in 79 factories in 22 countries.

Danfoss Silicon Power was founded in August 1998 as a subsidiary of Danfoss and is located in Schleswig, Northern Germany. With the activities of Danfoss Silicon Power, the Danfoss Group has extended its competence in the field of power electronics.

Danfoss Silicon Power develops and produces electronic power modules for many applications, such as frequency converters, power supplies, renewables and automotive. The business unit has its core competences within lead-free soldering of large surfaces and unique capabilities within thermal design. Danfoss products are sold and serviced all over the world by a global network.


Flexibility and deep access

During 2004, the Danfoss management made the decision to replace their older generation of quality control equipment, including the bond testers. They found xyztec as bond tester supplier and evaluated the Condor 150-3 and 250-3 for their production lines. Especially with respect to deep access, Danfoss had some special requirements. Both testers offered them high flexibility and also met their high-quality standards.

From 2004 onwards, multiple production lines were equipped with the Condor 150-3 and 250-3 bond testers. The testers offer pull, shear and peel testing. Dr.-Ing. Frank Osterwald from Danfoss states: “A special feature of these testers is the deep access test, for which xyztec developed special tools. Also, the statistical evaluation of the measurement results is very important for Danfoss. xyztec offers good solutions for this”.


Condor 150-3 High Force (HF)

In 2009 Danfoss extended their production in the field of power modules. To test these modules, a special solution was needed. In close cooperation with the customer, xyztec developed the Condor 150-3 HF which was capable to test up to 500 kgf. Nowadays we are able to test up to 1000 kgf with the Sigma HF.

Why xyztec?

For Danfoss, the Revolving Measurement Unit (RMU) was one of the key advantages xyztec’s solutions offer, over the competition. Furthermore, the unique software that enables professional evaluation of the measurement results was an important consideration. The special network concept and also the free SPC solution make process control easy for all operators.

Support and service

Frank Osterwald: “Danfoss Silicon Power has a 24/7 production line. A reliable partner is important to guarantee 24/7 operation. With xyztec Danfoss has found this partner”. The Senior Director for R&D at Danfoss Silicon Power continues: “xyztec concentrates 100% on bond testing and that makes all the difference”.


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