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Sample measurement tests

Lid torque

The purpose of this test is to determine the shear strength of the seal of glass-frit-sealed microelectronic packages. This is a destructive test.


The device is held by the device body and torque applied to the lid of the device or vice versa. The lid torque fixtures is designed to assure that it only applies torque to the side area of the package lid, base, or spacer.


Contact to the sealing glass is therefore avoided. For ease of use and to avoid interference, the package leads are removed prior to test. The torque is applied gradually and smoothly until package separation occurs, or the reaching of the 12.8 newton meter torque limit. The torque required for package separation or the reaching of the 12.8 newton meter torque limit is recorded. The torque is applied such that the axis of rotation is perpendicular to the sealing plane and the axis of rotation is located at the geometric center of the sealing area.

A device where package separation or breakage occurs at a torque value less than specified is a failure.


How to: Lid torque



Test features

  • Retrofit module
  • Flexible testing
  • Customized sample holders for your samples
  • Unique solution, nowhere else available



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