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Data communications

Automatic analyzing

Automation datacommuniction

Automatic data export

Automatically store the reports after several measurements. The editor supports data export to file, serial port, clipboard, and other protocols such as SECS/GEM.

Central database

Share between systems

  • SQL based system
  • Share all setups and data among machines
  • Centralized back up
  • Storage capacity
  • Historical information records
  • Data integrity



SECS/GEM is an equipment interface protocol for equipment-to-host data communications in the semiconductor industry. Several xyztec customers use the bi-directional SECS/GEM capability of the Sigma for test results, images, recipes, and other data.



GEM300 is a manufacturing standard that ensures seamless communication between bond testers and production equipment, reducing manual intervention and enhancing productivity. Sigma bond testers are fully GEM300 compliant, offering automatic lead frame and wafer testing. Experience the future of manufacturing with GEM300, streamlining your operations and ensuring a harmonious production process.


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