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70-75% of our customers are looking for custom items. As the technology leader, we take on the latest challenges in bond testing and anticipate future market demands. Besides a wide range of standard tools and work holders, we design custom bond testing solutions to fulfill all test requirements.


Whether you require custom tools or more complex solutions like work holders or complete bond testing systems, at xyztec, our team has the experience and expertise to create the unique solution you need:

  • Tools (shear tools, pull/push tools, studs, tweezer tips, cut tools, scratch tools et cetera.)
  • Work holders (complete work holders, masks/inlays, jaws et cetera.)
  • Custom options (cameras, debris bins, covers)
  • Automation or inline options
  • Complete bond testing systems

Customized tools

Sigma Battery Work Holder slider
Work holder slider

Compact bench-top solution for battery modules up to 900 mm

Test entire battery modules without the need to manually rotate the module mid-testing. For this custom solution, we use a Sigma W12 bondtester for 300 mm wafers as a baseline and add a custom sliding work holder that allows fully automatic testing across the entire battery module.

Sliding work holder enables bigger batteries

The custom pneumatic stage extension increases the testable reach in X beyond the standard 600 mm to a maximum of 900 mm. By extending the machine body and mounting the RMU farther from the rest of the system, the Y-axis is now 370 mm, a 120% increase relative to a standard Sigma.

Your module fits, too!

This work holder solution is just one example of our ability to generate custom solutions to meet unique customer requirements. We offer bond test systems for all battery pack sizes, including bench-top and floor model solutions to test heavy applications or battery packs.  

Heated stage

Warm up your samples to high temperatures to test epoxide or soldered interconnections. Especially useful for shear testing on large rectangular glass carriers.

Full protection

The (hot) panels are easy to handle by using the sample carrier and cooling down rack. Triple heat shielding around the test head makes sure that the prolonged high temperatures do not affect the inner working of the Sigma bond tester.

Quick and uniform warm-up

An extremely flat aluminum table delivers a perfect vacuum. With 27 heater elements in 7 different control groups, the Sigma quickly warms up its table and the sample with high accuracy and consistency.

Sigma heated stage
Sigma for reproducible destructive stud pull tests
USB tweezers

Solution for reproducible destructive stud pull tests

With a Sigma combined with micro dispenser and tweezer you can perform a very reproducible destructive stud pull test on 3D MID (Molded Interconnect Device) such as (glass) surface coatings.

Automatic glue dispenser

The micro dispenser drops small amounts of glue (microliter amounts) very accurately. It makes an adhesive connection with the carrier (or test object) by using a stronger glue than the bond. A special UV light on the machine cures the glue within seconds.

Pick and place with USB tweezers

Tweezers automatically take glass studs from a magazine using exclusive tipsand place them with a predefined pressure on the surface with the glue. The push force is just sufficient to get a strong connection, without forming any menisci.

The tweezer holds the stud during the test. Automation ensures that the tweezer applies no unwanted load to the stud or influences the measurement.

Other customized work holders

Equipment Front End Module (EFEM)

The Sigma EFEM is an integration of a wafer loader with a Sigma for operator free wafer (un)loading and testing of wafers up to 300 mm. This system also comes with additional options: 
  • Cleaners (roller/air)
  • Pusher for warped wafers
  • Integration for framed wafers
Rorze mit W12 V2

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