Safety cabinet

Semi S2

For SEMI S2, combine a Sigma
with a safety cabinet

Combine the Sigma MAG with the metal sheeted safety cabinet for extra safety during automatic bond testing and to protect the samples and the operator from moving parts.


It not only offers safety precautions but also keeps the test debris away to ensure a clean working environment. The cabinet is SEMI S2, which proves that the system fulfills the international standard for safety and ergonomics.

  • Stable lighting for camera stability, because of semi-transparent covers, which block ambient light
  • Optional automatic loading from AGV or OHT
  • CE and TÜV certified

Full control

Although the safety cabinet is locked during operation, the bond tester is fully controllable without opening the cabinet. A mobile user interface with 2 monitors, allows free positioning over the full cabinet length. You can position it in any convenient location, and it has an additional emergency switch to stop the machine if necessary.

Sigma MAG cabinet v2

The joysticks, keyboard, and mouse are always accessible through an extractable drawer. This configuration allows your operators to program ergonomically while interfacing and controlling the system.


Engineers can overrule the safety occasionally and program with open doors, using the key switch on the front panel.

Loadport for product line integration and full automation

The Loadport is the perfect solution to integrate a bond tester in your product line fully. This new system is an extension to the Sigma MAG for automatic loading and testing lead frames up to 100×240 mm. It allows top- and frontloading of multiple magazines and comes with a safety enclosure.

No more operator intervention for (un)loading the magazines

Combine the Sigma MAG with a Loadport and automate the (un)loading of magazines without operator intervention. The Loadport can (un)load magazines by Over Head Transport (OHT), Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), or manually, and communicates through Semi E84. 


Magazine buffering makes lead frame testing even more efficient. You can load multiple magazines to keep the system running and ensure there is no down-time on the bond tester.

Loadport loading
Sigma Loadport

Compliance to SEMI S2/S8 and GEM 300 improves safety

The Loadport comes with a safety enclosure for extra safety during automatic bond testing. The system is SEMI S2/S8 compliant, proving that the system fulfills the international standards for safety and ergonomics with CE certification.

Like the Sigma MAG, the Loadport comes with an enclosure and is fully controllable without entering the cabinet. To enable integration and loading, the top and frontside are not entirely closed. The frontside of the Loadport has safety light curtains. When the operator reaches through the light curtains, the system shuts down immediately to guarantee optimal safety protection.

High quality images

The cabinet comes with 3 front doors for accessibility. Two of them are transparent, they allow you to observe the machine. The rest of the cabinet covers are non-transparent to block the ambient light and provide stable lighting for camera stability.

High quality images
Balluf stacked light

Visual feedback

The safety cabinet has a stack light on top to allow you to work efficiently and to manage multiple systems simultaneously. It is fully programmable, and it gives you feedback when the system requires an operator.


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