Maximum feature capability, minimum mouse clicks

Easy to use for everyone​

Our software comes with 2 levels of programming to make it approachable for operators and engineers to customize the widest range of manual and automated test sequences. 

  • Easy Mode 
  • Expert Mode  
  • Easy to learn (operator level)
  • Next level programming (engineer level)
Easy Mode programming

Easy Mode

Everyone can easily create automations for less complex applications. Onboard graphics and intelligent wizards allow easy programming with limited automation commands for one default test method. The software ensures complete documentation of the test protocol, provides preset configurations, and intuitive operator screens. Operators can start automations, created and maintained on engineering level, with a single click. (This level of programming is ideal for production environments).

Expert Mode Programming

Expert Mode

The completely open editor allows engineers to customize test sequences and write scriptable test methods for any application. Experts are given the flexibility to combine multiple test types and/or methods in one automation. The software comes with numerous features for optimal customization to fully suit your requirements. This suite of advanced, flexible programming options can be hidden from operator levels or during day-to-day use.


Flexible on-board SPC analysis

Statistical Process Control (SPC) offers comprehensive statistical information to analyze your production process. This includes different types of graphs to view on screen or to print as reports.

  • Control chart (cpk, graph, et cetera)
  • Unique form features, functioning as an SPC management system to store and retrieve the results
  • Define control rules for real-time monitoring of the measurement data
Grading run ball shear

Grading run

Performing a grading run allows you to sequentially evaluate the measurement results using the microscope or an offset camera and evaluate them with the correct grading.

Grading overview wire pull

Grading overview

Accelerate the grading process with a grading overview. After multiple tests, an overview presents all measurements to evaluate the abnormalities and determine the correct grading of the failure modes.

Auto grading ball shear

Auto grading

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) grades the area of bulk material remaining as a percentage of the whole. This generates more reliable measurement results by designing out operator influences.

Customize your export and reports

A “test format” function previews the output of the configuration using demonstration data. You can setup various fields of the test data:

  • Format
  • File name
  • Report headers
  • Optional data definition field

More than 30 formats

The built-in data export editor allows you to configure your reports in almost any format (PDF, XML, XLS, DOC, and more.) to be saved to a file or clipboard.

Automatic data export

Automatically store the reports after several measurements. The editor supports export to file, serial port, clipboard, and other protocols.

Customize your export and reports
Central database 1 2

Share between systems

If you own multiple bond testers a centralized database greatly enhances SPC. Easily harmonize test method settings and data between several machines and a central database to improve measurement traceability.

Advantages of a centralized database:

  • Centralized back up
  • Storage capacity
  • Historical information records
  • Data integrity
  • Easy administration and updates


The software supports SECS/GEM and SMIMA protocols.

SECS/GEM is an equipment interface protocol for equipment-to-host data communications in the semiconductor industry. Test results, images, and data can be exported and stored. We offer SECS/GEM communication directly in the Sigma software or via an EFEM.

Languages icon

Multiple languages

Our software is available in multiple languages:
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Vietnamese
World wide service icon

Global presence, local support

As market leader around the world, our support is international. We offer remote access support and video software training.


Our skilled engineers, based all around the world, work together with global partners to provide local support worldwide.

Software updates icons

Free software updates

Software updates come with the matched fully tested firmware embedded. This ensures that whatever software version you use, the hardware will use exactly matched and fully tested firmware revisions and allows you to easily up and/or downgrade at any time.


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