Accurate measurements

Calibrate your sensors for accurate measurements

All our sensor modules are fully tested, calibrated, and ready to use. Each sensor has an electrical module that stores all of its force and temperature calibration data, along with types of sensor, range, serial number, et cetera. We advise annual sensor calibration to ensure maximum sensor performance.

Calibration sensor

Calibration methods

  • Calibration using weights and jigs
  • Calibration by a load cell

To maintain long time modules, we prefer to calibrate sensor modules using weights and jigs. The jigs are manufactured to the highest possible precision and use high-quality ball bearings at every pivot and load application point. This calibration method is easy and accurate to perform using a simple and intuitive wizard.


Alternatively, we offer calibration of sensors by another load cell, in the form of a force gauge. This method provides customization to suit your needs.

Calibration weights

Periodical calibration

To ensure accurate measurement results, we recommend renewing calibrations periodically per anno. We offer different options to calibrate sensor modules.


  • Our certified engineer will visit your facilities to perform the calibration
  • You can send the module to a local xyztec lab for calibration
  • You can carry out the calibration yourself using our affordable calibration kit
HF calibration

Built-in GR&R analysis

A Sigma enables easy qualification of measurement capability with GR&R (Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility) analysis. Following calibration, you can measure the accuracy of each sensor through its full rage providing customizable data reports of bias and distribution over time and other parameters.


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