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Bond testing solutions

We provide (custom) bond testing solutions to a variety of industries. Our team has the experience to recommend the best solution for your test requirements because of our long track record in each sector.

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High-reliability requirements, unparalleled precision, and extreme operational environments define the aerospace industry’s demands on mission-critical electronics systems.

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Electronics systems for automotive applications provide a wide range  opportunities to optimize and track bonding performance.

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The visualization of any electronic system is critical for maximizing system utility and providing optimal user experience.

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Electronic packaging/

Electronic assembly materials development is an ongoing process to support next-generation package design and manufacturing practices.


Light-Emitting Diodes (LED)

LEDs are a type of semiconductor that are designed to emit light during use. It is an increasing solution in commercial and residential applications.

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Advances in electronics packaging technologies and digital connectivity enable improvements to medical devices that change the lives of millions of people worldwide.

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Mobile devices

Modern electronic components enable our connected world.

Power devices

Power devices

Power management is a crucial component of electronic systems, and semiconductor power devices provide many opportunities for bond testing to gauge assembly quality.

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Renewable energy

The global energy transition demands novel solutions to support the development, optimization, and integration of renewable energy technologies into existing infrastructure.

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Sigma bond testers meet the demanding test requirements of the semiconductor industry.



Substrate materials are the foundation of all electronics packaging.

Surface Mount SMD

Surface mount (SMD)

Mounting functional devices directly onto the printed circuit board (PCB) surface has been a staple of the electronics hardware assembly industry for decades. We repeatedly demonstrate our ability to meet the needs of this legacy industry.

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Universities/ R&D

All products begin with fundamental research. 

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