Your operators
will love it

We design with the operator in mind

We believe happy operators are essential for efficient and consistent results during bond testing. The Sigma was designed with the operator in mind from day one.

Easy sample access

As a first-time user, the easy access to the sample comes as a pleasant surprise. Without affecting the focus settings, you can easily move the microscope support to the side.

Microscope support swivel

Forget about exchanging your cartridges

You will never have to worry anymore about that clumsy move that damaged your heavy, expensive, delicate cartridges. Your Sigma comes with the unique 6 head RMU that switches between  6 different tools within seconds for continuous testing.
  • Reduce damage
  • Increase speed
  • Automate testing
Revolving measurement unit
Sample clamping

A pleasure to set up

Every operator that has worked with a different brand knows how painful the set up is. It is not easy to reach the sample and make the transition between samples, achieve a decent clamp, and to adjust all settings again to get the features in the focus of the microscope and camera. And once everything is workable, the operator finds himself in a very uncomfortable position, with all kinds of negative consequences. A Sigma changes all that.

Stress-free as a
bond tester can be

We design the work holders to make exchanging samples as easy as possible. The quick-release handle enables the operator to take off the complete work holder. A simple click of the same handle provides a secure lock capable of withstanding 200 kgf shear forces for the replacement work holder while maintaining reproducible positioning. When the sample is in place, the operator moves the microscope support back and is ready to resume testing without any further hassle.


The Sigma offers 3 options for lighting solutions, often removing the need for the operator to think about the light settings during sample exchanges. Everything is visible by eye and camera.

Quick release handle
Trinocular camera

Microscope lights

Integrated LED lighting on the microscope support

Integrated LED lighting the RMU head

RMU lights

Integrated LED lighting the RMU head

Snack light

Snake lights

Snake lights attached to the system for easy adjustment


Best in class ergonomics

The Sigma joysticks offer easy control for XYZ manipulation and tool rotation to move the stages to the desired position. The joysticks feature 12 intuitively arranged buttons to increase operator efficiency. They allow you to control all vital software functions by a single touch of a button to ensure simplicity without the need for the operator to look away from the microscope. This, combined with the option of keypad control, makes testing a stress-free operation.

Even switching between operators of different heights is easy. The microscope support separates the principle adjustments of eye height, XYZ alignments, magnification, and focus so that each can be precisely controlled without losing the other. Of course, the Sigma monitor can tilt, is adjustable in height, and can be folded inside for easy transportation of the machine as well.

On the software side, user preference settings including language are stored in the machine or on the network. Read more about the software setup.

Clean working environment

A tidy workplace improves efficiency. The Sigma comes with a standard keyboard drawer and plenty of easy storage options. The system also comes with a debris management system that keeps debris away from any moving parts without the need for sliding seals.

Tool storage
Test debris management

Debris management

Ensure a clean working environment and avoid obstacles during automation. The Sigma comes with a debris management system and optional automatic tool cleaners.


Debris can disturb the testing process and effect bonds yet to be tested by sticking on the sample or tool. You can capture the debris by a focused high-pressure jet of air (other gases available) on the test area. Debris is propelled in the direction of a low-pressure, high-flow vacuum tool.


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