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39% faster stages

High-speed bond testing maximizes your units per hour (UPH) significantly. The standard Sigma* comes with a high axis speed of 50 mm/s, a direct-drive motor, and mapped linear positional encoders to ensure very accurate positioning.


Many systems rely on rotary encoders fixed to their drive motors. This system does an adequate job of positioning the motor. Backlash and hysteresis in gearboxes, lead screws, and linear guides induce very significant systematic errors of ±50 µm.


*Floor-based Sigmas come with high-speed axis of 500 mm/s and 10 nm encoders.


A controlled study with experienced users shows that the throughput of a Sigma compared to the most competing system is up to 39% faster.

Direct drive motor linear encoder
Accurate clamping

Accurate alignment

Testing the bond without any movement of the sample is essential for obtaining reliable, reproducible measurements. The fiducial pattern recognition capability combined with precision XYZ stages, consistently maintains initial tool alignment to within ±5 µm within the entire test volume with 0.5 µm repeatability. Our wide range of standard and customized work holders allows precise sample clamping with a system stiffness of 1 µm/10 kg.

Perfect clamping solutions

Exchangeable work holders allow rapid production setup for all samples. If a work holder is not suitable for your sample, the quick release handle enables you to take off the work holder in seconds. This interface provides a secure lock capable of withstanding 200 kgf while maintaining reproducible positioning.

Quick release handle
Sample clamping

Your sample fits, too!

To keep the sample locked in position, a vacuum and/or clamping system is most common for low force measurements or flexible substrates. When testing higher forces, you can rely not only on our dedicated selection of standard work holders but also on custom designs for perfect sample clamping.

Symmetrical universal work holder

Symmetrical universal work holder

Versatile clamper with stepped jaws for stiff (non-bending) samples with widths up to 105 mm. 1 Knob controls both sides.

Asymmetrical universal work holder XWU001005

Asymmetrical universal work holder

Versatile clamper with stepped jaws for stiff (non-bending) samples with widths up to 105 mm. Independent knobs control 1 side each.

Universal work holder with extended stepped jaws XWU001107

Extended jaws for universal work holder

Optional to the universal work holder are extended stepped jaws for samples with widths up to 186 mm.

Universal clamper work holder

Universal clamper work holder

Ideal work holder for automatic bond testing. Combine the window clamper with a customized mask and inlay. Commonly used for lead frame applications with widths up to 70 mm. Vacuum optional.


Vacuum square universal work holder 1

Universal vacuum work holder square

Flexible clamper for various substrates such as PCBs and ceramics with switchable vacuum areas to prevent the leakage of vacuum. Available in:
  • Square 140 x 140 mm
  • Square 140 x 200 mm
Wafer chuck work holder

Vacuum wafer chuck work holder

Vacuum work holder for 2” – 8” wafers applications.

Fixture grid 230x230mm work holder

Fixture grid work holder

Easily clamp a wide range of sample shapes with the clamper pins.

Available in different sizes, can be mounted on standard interfaces and optionally inside universal work holders

Heated work holder 100x100cm

Heated work holder

Heating block (100×100 mm) for up to 500°C to equip with various customized inlays and external PID temperature controller. Optional with vacuum.

Bending work holder

Bending work holder

Clamper with a parallel movement of the stepped jaws to bend samples (3-points). Also available for 4-point bending.


Standard with a probe radius of 1 mm.


Jaws and bending radius are customizable.

Selection of our customized clampers


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