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It’s that easy!

Our open software comes with 2 levels of easy programming to make it approachable for operators and engineers.

Easily program test sequences using a live camera that looks straight down on the application to teach automation process steps, positions, and commands for perfect alignment and accurate testing.


  • General: moves, sensor selections, surface detections, waits, comments
  • Tests: methods, positions, hook corrections, lower limit
  • Marks: patterns/fiducials (global and local), use matrices, set offsets
  • Control/output: tweezers, vacuum valves, cleaners, output form definitions
  • Camera/light: photo/video cameras, light sources
Save time and start programming from the Easy Mode. Optionally switch to the Expert Mode and add more complex features for optimal customization.
Insert and program easy automation 1
Automation editor
8 Matrix Selection 1

Matrix selection

Very common with lead frames. Matrix programming allows you to test a variety of position types, including repeating positions, like:

  • Rows and columns
  • Specific or randomized locations
  • Predefined test location from remote protocols driven by SECS/GEM functionality, and more!
Wafer map import Sigma

Substrate wafer map import

Easily import and export multiple file formats for wafer maps such as KLARF, (S)INF, G85, and others for full traceability. Defects or test positions are shown in an overview and are directly accessible for testing or analysis.

Barcode reader

Barcode reader

Quickly start a test sequence using a 2D barcode reader. An automation, test method, or form starts automatically after scanning the QR code or barcode.



For better traceability, you can use custom forms to store additional data along with your measurements.


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