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Fiducial recognition

Automatic testing

Automation Fiducialrecognition

Fiducial recognition

Define recognizable shapes, patterns, or marks as a global or local reference using fiducial recognition for positioning and automatic tool alignment.


Make sure your sample is in position to test the correct bonds. Fiducials help to correct for any displacements. With camera visualization, it is easy to define recognizable shapes, patterns, or marks as a global or local reference.

Fiducial recognition
Execute fiducials while programming

Execute fiducials while programming

With the ability to execute fiducials during programming, the development of an automation sequence is simplified. Programming your fiducials from within the automation editor ensures that added or changed test positions and commands are correct, even if the sample alignment shifted during sample changeover.


The picture shows the verifying of positions in a simple automation program.

Program from camera

You can easily program automations from the tool position or either from the camera systems. It is also possible to check fiducials against multiple pictures, to ensure less feature recognitions during the automation runs.

Programming from camera

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