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Automatic loading

Automation Robotic Handlers

Don’t touch your samples

Robotic handling ensures safe load and unload of applications and avoids handling error and damage.

Sigma EFEM

Wafer/panel handler

Combine a Sigma W12 wafer bond tester with various Equipment Front End Module (EFEM) platforms for operator free wafer (un)loading and testing of wafers up to 300 mm.

Pick and place waffle tray loader

Pick and place loader for
waffle trays

With a waffle tray loader on a Sigma MAG, you can easily pick samples from the waffle tray and place samples into the work holder, and vice versa.


loader for
lead frames

Add an independent lead frame (un)loader for hands-free bond testing of multiple types of lead frames, cassettes, magazines, PCBs, Flex, and boat carriers.

Balluf stacked light

Visual feedback

Programmable stack lights allow you to work efficiently and to manage multiple systems simultaneously. When the system requires an operator, you can define an operator alert using programmable lights, a buzzer, or a combination of both. Stack lights come with adjustable light intensity options and the ability to program individual configurable segments to indicate multiple machines or process states.


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