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There are endless ways to test bonding processes, and that creates a requirement for a range of tool solutions.


We offer a wide range of standard test tools for various test types, such as:

  • Pull
  • Push
  • Peel (wire hooks)
  • Shear
  • Scratch
  • Measurement

Besides the standard tools, we design custom solutions to fulfill all test requirements.

Shear tools
Pull tools


Working with extremely small bonds requires a high level of accuracy. With USB tweezers you can fully control the gripping force and the opening and closing position.


The gripping jaws (tweezers with tips) are driven by a built-in closed loop 3-phase brushless microdrive to accurately open or close. The jaw actuators incorporate a strain gauge to precisely measure and control the gripping force. Besides a range of standard tips, we design custom tips to suit many different applications.


Sigma supports 3 different types of micro grippers to fit a standard pull sensor. You can house up to 6 different tweezers in the RMU.

USB tweezer

Electric (USB) tweezers

  • Programmable and traceable opening position and closing force
  • Programmable landing force
  • Programmable force maintain
Mechanical tweezer

Mechanical tweezers

  • Forces up to 100 kgf
  • For special applications
Pneumatic tweezer

Pneumatic tweezers

  • Opening with air
  • Controllable by software
Maximum clamping force (kgf)
Adjustable clamping force (kgf)

Average closing time (sec)

Adjustable LED brightness (%)

Rotation stroke (°)

Maximum opening stroke (mm)

Easy exchange of tips


Maximum clamping force (kgf)

Adjustable clamping force (kgf)

Rotation stroke (°)

Maximum opening stroke (mm)

Please contact us for more information and options for your factory. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Self-aligning shear tool

A patented tool to shear large or stacked dies, as the strength of the bond is in proportion to the area of the die, but the area available to apply the shear load is limited.


A vacuum mount holds a soft material shear block in place and rotates slightly (self-alignment). Surface irregularities between the edge of the die and the tooltip result in multiple smaller points of contact. The soft material of the shear block deforms at these points. This deformation considerably reduces the high contact stresses that would cause the die to fail. 

Self aligning shear tool die 1
Self aligning shear stacked
Self aligning shear tool shear block 2
CBP jaw cleaner

CBP Jaw Cleaner

Stop brushing your tool after Cold Bump Pull (CBP) tests. Solder builds up in the cavity of the CBP jaw, which reduces the gripping efficiency and affects the quality of your measurements. Manual cleaning is very difficult and can damage small ball cavities. 

The CBP Jaw Cleaner is a contactless cavity cleaner with a high temperature and high-pressure air jet that melts the solder and then blows it into a fine matrix where it is absorbed.

See the CBP Jaw Cleaner in action on 300µm and 80µm solder ball cavities.

Selection of our customized tools


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