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MIL-STD-883 method 2004.7 – Test condition A1: Lead braze integrity


This test is for packages with brazed leads and is intended to test the lead to package attach integrity. This test applies to both flat package and dual in-line package construction.


The lead braze integrity test requires suitable clamps and fixtures for securing the device and attaching the specified weight without lead restriction. Equivalent linear pull test equipment may be used.


A tension of 0.227 kg (8 ounces), unless otherwise specified, shall be applied, without shock, to each lead or terminal to be tested in a direction perpendicular to the lead attach surface (i.e. force wants to peel lead out or off the attach medium). The force shall be maintained for 30 seconds minimum. The weight shall be applied as close to the end of the lead (terminal) as practicable.

Failure criteria

When examined using magnification between 10X and 20X after removal of stress, any evidence of lead fracture of the solder/braze connection or disconnection of the lead from the package shall be considered a failure.


The following details shall be specified in the applicable acquisition document:

  1. Weight to be attached to lead, if other than .227 kg (8 ounces) (see 3).
  2. Length of time weight is to be attached, if other than 30 seconds (see 3).

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