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Bob Sykes joins xyztec

We are excited to announce that on the 9th of March 2009 Bob Sykes joined xyztec.

A leading authority in Bond Testing Technology Bob left Dage Precision Industries Ltd and his position as “Technical Director for Bond Testers” having served there for over 12 years. Bob is extremely well known within the Bond Testing community his many achievements include:

  • Chief Designer of and innovator for the Dage 4000 Bond Tester
  • Chief Designer of and innovator for the Dage 4000HS (High Speed) Bond Tester
  • Adviser to JEDEC on Bond Testing standards
  • Inventor of the CBP test method
  • Innovator for Ultra Fine Pitch and Stacked Die test methods
  • 4 granted company patents and many others pending
  • Author and co-authored for many papers on the subject of Bond Testing
  • Member and adviser to numerous consortia researching and developing new Bond Testing Technologies

Bob Sykes

Bob is a family man with two children. He studied in the United Kingdom, has an Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering and is both a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Royal Institution of Mechanical Engineering. His experience is broad having worked in different industries as well as working in Sales and Production. He has over 21 years of experience in the Semiconductor and Electronics Industry. When asked why he joined xyztecBob replied, “Xyztec is a relatively new and dynamic company where I feel I can make a worthwhile contribution. Their existing
product design is very innovative and has serious market potential. Also, the fact that the company is choosing to invest, even with the current economic crisis, is highly exciting. I
look forward to the challenge!”


Xyztec is a high technology-based company, applying mechatronics, electronics, advanced precision mechanics, and dedicated software to design innovative equipment
that is used to control the quality of industrial products. Our equipment is used worldwide in the semiconductor, automotive, and raw material industry.


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