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World’s most powerful bond tester

World’s most powerful bond tester

Sigma HF bond tester

Are you looking for a system to test challenging high force or large applications such as IGBT’s, power modules, and batteries? We offer multiple platforms from bench-top Sigma systems with custom work holders to floor-based bond testers like the powerful Sigma HF/L to test heavy applications up to 1000 kgf.

Sigma HF/L in action

The Sigma HF/L is a robust floor-based bondtester to test forces up to 1000 kgf. Its large working area of 500x500x200 mm enables you to test the larges applications in the industry. Maximize your throughput due to its high axis speed and its unique 360° measurement head with up to 5 cameras for easy positioning and programming.

Eliminate human error by loading, testing, and analyzing your applications fully automatically. Quickly put your sample in a (custom) rigid clamping solution and scan your sample’s QR- or barcode to run the test sequence automatically.

Watch the video to find out where this bond testing system is capable of.


Game-changing automation capabilities


Customization for battery modules

Suppose you are looking for a compact and budget-proof bond testing solution. In that case, we also offer bench-top Sigma bond testers with a custom sliding work holder to provide secure clamping and testing for all battery pack sizes or heavy applications.

A custom pneumatic stage extension on a bench-top Sigma W12 increases the testable reach in X beyond the standard 600 mm to a maximum of 900 mm, allowing fully automatic testing across the entire battery module.

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Your module fits, too!

This work holder solution is just one example of our ability to generate custom solutions to meet unique customer requirements. If one of our existing test systems does not meet your specific battery module needs. Please reach out to us to discuss your specific battery module testing requirements.

Also, we are developing a sister for the Sigma HF/L with even better specifications to test even more challenging applications. Stay tuned!


Sigma HF bond tester

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