3 game-changing improvements for Sigma bond testers

3 game-changing improvements for Sigma bond testers

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At xyztec, we do not just follow trends, we set them. We are proud to introduce 3 game-changing improvements to the Sigma product line. After the recent introduction of the Nano control shear sensor, improving shear height precision to within 200 nm, the Sigma platform itself is now enhanced in with the following features:

  1. Better positional precision
  2. Better measurement accuracy
  3. Better speed that results in a better UPH


In the upcoming 3 newsletters we will share these new advantages and discover how they can help you achieve even better performance with your bond tester and improve the quality of your final product. We are kicking off with a focus on “Better positional precision”.

Better Positional Precision with enhanced positional control

Dynamic motion controller

Our Sigma bond testers now feature an integrated dynamic motion controller and unique linear encoders. This innovation translates to more direct and faster control, greatly enhancing positional accuracy and reproducibility in the X, Y, and Z axes. This improvement is poised to redefine your testing precision, whether you are involved in automation or fine-pitch applications.


Nano control shear sensor

The nano control shear sensor for our Sigma bond testers is a true game-changer. It boasts a unique drive and closed loop control, ensuring remarkable accuracy and stability in shear height measurement with a precision of up to 200 nm (|bias| + 3σ). You can trust it to deliver consistent and reliable results every time. It is so innovative that it is patented as WO2018139930.

Stay tuned

Take advantage of the opportunity to achieve superior performance and precision with your bond testing and enhance the quality of your final product. Watch out for our next newsletter, where we will unveil the second of these groundbreaking improvements, which promises to elevate your bond testing capabilities further.

For any inquiries or to explore these advancements, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Important notice for Condor Classic Users

In our continuous pursuit of innovation and excellence, xyztec discontinued the production of our Condor Classic series and introduced the cutting-edge Sigma series 14 years ago. This transition marked a significant evolution in our product lineup, ushering in a new era of advanced technology and superior performance.

As a result of the age progression of the Condor Classic machines (Condor 70-3, Condor EZ, 100-3, 150-3, 250-3, and the Condor 150-3 HF), we regret to inform you that we must now discontinue support for these legacy systems. While you can still access software downloads on our website and seek assistance for error troubleshooting, we must emphasize that we will no longer provide comprehensive service support or conduct staff training for these machines. Limited support will only be available when the machine is sent in in specific cases.

Furthermore, effective July 2024, we will cease calibration services for all Classic products. We can only facilitate calibration by sending in the RMU or by your company. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require assistance or lack the necessary resources. However, please be aware that our equipment availability may be limited.

Our team can assist you and provide guidance if you have any inquiries or require further clarification. Your satisfaction and success remain our utmost priority.

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