Sigma EFEM

Front End

Sigma EFEM

Equipment Front End Module

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Integration transforms the bond tester into a fully automated system. We offer various types of EFEM (Equipment Front End Module) wafer handlers, to combine with a Sigma W12 for operator-free bond testing.

  • Wafers or at wafer level 2” – 12” (up to 300 mm)
  • Precise testing and Cold Bump Pull (CBP) testing
  • Large X/Y stages X: 600mm, Y: 370 mm 
  • Force range from 1gf – 10 kgf
  • Bump pitch down to 20 µm
Intelligent Lift pins

Intelligent lift pins

Gently secure flat and warped wafers because of the soft, flexible tips on the PID controlled wafer lift pins. Vacuum sensing and switching are intelligently timed with the lift pin position throughout the load, clamp, and unload cycle.

Wafer pusher

Wafer pusher

In cases of extreme warpage, an optional wafer pusher ensures precise clamping. The high airflow of vacuum chucks pulls down wafers. 

Wafer cleaning unit

Wafer cleaning unit

Keep test debris away from the wafer or the wafer chuck with a blower and vacuum cleaner or a roller with sticky foil, for pre- and post-cleaning.

Panel chuck work holder

Panel chuck work holder

Vacuum work holder for panels or wafers up to 300 mm. Easily reach 100% of a 300 mm panel without repositioning your sample on the chuck. The wafer chuck work holder comes with safety interlocks and 360° rotation.

Wafer map

Substrate wafer map import

Easily import and export multiple file formats for wafer maps such as KLARF, (S)INF, G85, and others for full traceability. Defects or test positions are shown in an overview and are directly accessible for testing or analysis.

Big bump removal 1

Big bump removal

Automatically shear the big bumps and clean the debris to prepare for wafer probing. Fully programmable vision algorithms can check if the removal of big bumps was successful.


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