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With over 20 years of experience, we have established our name as the technology leader in bond testing throughout the world. With 100% of our focus on bond testing, xyztec teams with customers to offer innovative solutions that address their specific bond test needs. Our mission is to take on the challenges of many different industries by offering customers products that improve their quality and increase their bottom line.



We believe that our Sigma systems embody the competencies, accuracy, and knowledge of each of our staff members. Each Sigma is modular by design and equipped with the latest technology available. The manufacturing takes place in close cooperation with our ISO9001 certified Dutch suppliers. At xyztec bv, we have the experience and teamnology to create solutions for any bond testing requirement. Our skilled engineers, based all around the world, work together with global partners to provide local support worldwide.

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Our system product’s name, Sigma, comes from the Greek letter “σ” which is used in statistics as a representation of standard deviation. In business applications, Sigma relates to processes that operate efficiently and produce items of the highest quality by minimizing process variability.


A Sigma bond tester is the best the market has to offer. It is rock solid and comes with game-changing automation capabilities to test the mechanical strength of bonds with unparalleled precision. With a Sigma, you can improve your process and, therefore, the quality of your final product.

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Challenging traditional approaches, xyztec’s dedicated R&D team has developed many innovative technologies that provide a variety of ways to improve bond testing. Some of these developments are protected by patents, granted in Europe, the United States of America, China, Taiwan and/or other territories. Among these are:



Simac Techniek NV

Xyztec is a member of the Simac family. Simac, founded in 1971, is a technology company that employs around 1250 people across Europe, realizing almost € 300 million (USD 350 million) turnover per year.


Simac Techniek NV, incorporated in 1971 and quoted on the Amsterdam stock exchange (NYSE Euronext) between 1986 and 2014, is a technology company operating in the Benelux and Central Europe. Simac supplies and maintains high-quality technology in medium-sized and large companies to improve operations. Multiple Simac offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic employ a total of around 1250 people.


Simac Techniek NV comprises operating companies with a wide range of products and services in the business segments ICT infrastructures, ICT applications and Industrial Electronics & Automation. In addition to its core activities, Simac Techniek NV has participating interests in promising new technology companies.


Simac operates with a healthy financial position. Turnover exceeds € 300 million yearly (USD 350 million). 

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Our team

As a medium-sized organization, xyztec employs approximately 30 people worldwide with Bas van Tilborg as Managing Director.


Xyztec strives to create a fair and stimulating working atmosphere and is continuously looking to improve its workforce’s knowledge and competencies. 


To stay ahead of the competition, we take part in relevant training courses and encourage employees to stay informed about the market’s latest developments. All employees take turns to visit shows and congresses.


We acknowledge that expertise in the various technical fields is essential and knowledge about the art of bonding and testing itself. To this end, we work closely together with bonding companies, our research partners, our suppliers, and several of our world-class customers.


Among our diverse team is one of the leading authorities in bond testing, namely Bob Sykes. Over the past few years, like customers, several knowledgeable people stepped over from our competitors to xyztec. Aubert Dupont, one of the founders of xyztec, is also still involved with the company.


To keep up with the growing demand for our products, we have been expanding our workforce substantially every year since 2007. Despite this fast growth, we do our best to protect our status as a reliable partner with a human face. Our employees are result-oriented hand have a strong bond with the company. 

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