Analyze not only forces but also distances on your product

Analyze not only forces but also distances on your product

Loop height

Bond testers are traditionally used for force measurement only, but the extreme positional accuracy of the Sigma platform also enables you to measure whether the dimensions of your product are within specification, with never before seen accuracies. The system is equipped with 30nm resolution linear encoders and is completely backlash free (no gear box).

Loop height measurement

On any Sigma bond tester, the loop height measurement test method is available for free using pull sensors. The system will accurately determine the height of a wire, ribbon or other component above the surface. The measurement result in this case is not a force, but a distance. It is just as easy to analyze distance data to analyze force data with the Sigma.

To enable quicker testing, the system can store the Z-height of the surface under the first wire and use this value again when sensing the following multiple wires. It is also possible to probe the surface height in a different spot than directly under the wire.


Probe testing

The probe test method is available on any Sigma for free using pull or shear sensors. The system will accurately determine the Z-height of two positions and compare them to each other.

One can choose a programmed X/Y offset between the two points, or program the method so that the tester will move a certain distance in the direction in which your tool is pointing. The Probe test method is of course available for both manual and automatic testing.

The Sigma is also unique because of its programmable landing force down to 2,5 gf. Combined with an also programmable probe test speed, this enables very delicate sensing. Deformations or damage to the sample are therefore minimized.


SST joins xyztec in Taiwan and mainland China

Xyztec announces that it is teaming up with Schmidt Scientific Taiwan Ltd. (SST), an experienced company that serves Taiwan and mainland China. SST has decades of experience selling bond testing equipment and is now opting for the technology leader. Both companies see this as a logical step to keep up with xyztec rapidly increasing market share. SST is a great addition to the international sales and distribution network for the Sigma. “We could see xyztec was the better way forward for us”, says Jim Lin, Vice President of SST. Click here to read more…

Loop height

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