Assume nano control over your shear height

Assume nano control over your shear height

Nano control shear sensor SMU

Good alignment is critical for any bond test. Therefore, applying the load at precisely the correct position is essential to obtain a meaningful measurement result. For various reasons, the shear height is one of the most difficult alignments to control on a bond tester. Typically, a bond tester lands on the substrate and then moves up a programmed distance. Any inconsistencies in this procedure lead to unwanted variations in your alignment. Additionally, upthrust forces during the test on the tool affect alignment too. This can lead to test failures or suboptimal test results.

The revolutionary nano control shear sensor solves all these issues by incorporating a unique drive within the shear sensor body with a closed control loop. This leads to a huge improvement in the accuracy and stability of the shear height with a precision of 200 nm. Read on to learn all about our new game-changing shear sensor.

Nano control shear sensor

The patented nano control shear sensor consistently positions within 200 nm of the programmed shear height and maintains this alignment during the test. The sensor compensates for any variation in shear height during the test by using an internal drive with a closed control loop. The move to the shear height is also faster than traditional methods that involve clamping and other steps, increasing the number of tests per hour of the Sigma bond tester over other systems.

  • Fast move to shear height with a precision of 200 nm (|bias| + 3σ)
  • Available on 100 gf shear and 1 kgf shear (non-rotating)
  • Force sensor accuracy ± 0.075 %
  • Available on SMU (Single Measurement Unit)
  • Available on all Sigma systems
  • Patent WO2018139930


Record and trace the shear height

In addition to achieving and maintaining this unprecedented precision in shear height, the Sigma bond tester also records the shear height during the test. The measured shear height can be displayed in the force graph on a secondary vertical axis and is, therefore traceable for the first time.


Programmable landing force

Another difficult-to-control aspect of shear height control is the landing force. All Sigma shear sensors include a vertical force sensor that provides its unique programmable landing force feature. No other bond tester can achieve landing forces down to 5 gf.



Increased tests per hour

Maximize the number of tests per hour using the revolutionary nano control shear sensor. The move to the shear height of this shear sensor is faster than traditional shear sensors.


Proven 200 nm precision

The measurement report below shows a reproducibility far below the specified 200 nm. For the investigation, 20 pads were sheared off at a programmed shear height of 2.3 µm. A Bruker white light interferometer measured the actual height of the sheared pads. The standard deviation on the shear height was only 35 nm. The nano control shear sensor’s stability sets a new revolutionary standard in the industry.




Shear solution for accurate applications, like wafers, coating, and lead frames

The nano control shear sensor, combined with a Sigma bond tester and one of xyztec’s sophisticated work holders, enables performing bond tests previously deemed impossible and greatly enhances the meaningfulness of other existing tests. This is especially true for most wafer-level tests, coating tests, and tests on lead frame applications.

Are you curious about the advantages of the revolutionary nano control shear sensor for your bond testing challenges? Contact us.

Nano control shear sensor SMU

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