Employees at number 1

Employees at number 1

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We believe that employees are a company’s most important asset. This translates into many design details of our products, which is why the Sigma is the most ergonomic bond tester in the world. After launching our new brand identity and responsive website, it was time to shake things up and give the xyztec Head Quarter in The Netherlands a complete make-over.

In this newsletter, we share the latest improvements in the xyztec HQ. But that is not all! We will reveal the highlights of the upcoming expansion of the Production department. So continue reading and find out what is happening at the HQ of xyztec.

New happy workplaces

Employees are an essential factor in the organization’s success. That is why xyztec puts her staff first. It is no secret that sitting all day has major negative health effects on our bodies. So we gave all our employees new electric adjustable-height desks and new office chairs for better ergonomic working postures to encourage movement in the office. The desks enable to change from sitting to standing heights and increase creativity and focus. Nature in the workplace stimulates the mind’s sense, so we also gave our HQ more plants.

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Xyztec keeps growing, and so does the need for extra workplaces. So besides a new layout of the offices, we added a photostudio for the Marketing department and 2 new meeting rooms for physical and online meetings. These new meeting rooms have fancy photo prints on the walls, ergonomic furniture, and laminate flooring.

To brighten up the offices, dull gray shades are replaced with black and green. The new carpet is playful, and the green office walls have attractive photo prints. In addition, we have a mega world map with pinpoints of our own offices and our 60+ representatives on our wall. We are proud of our representatives and distributors and our global presence.

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Xyztec HQ extends

The world is changing. Bond testing systems are getting bigger and our turnover is growing. This makes production and logistics for bond testers more challenging. The xyztec HQ is running out of space, so we bought out a partial tenant to expand the Production department.

Next month we will start to renovate the complete ground floor of the HQ to improve the production and logistics. Below we will share some of the highlights of this upcoming renovation:

  • New EMD floor
  • Temperature controlled calibration room


New RMU cover

Xyztec’s unique selling point is the Revolving Measurement Unit. This eye-catcher of the Sigma bond tester now comes with a new cover to fit with the new brand identity.

The heart is essential to human life, and so is the RMU as the center of the Sigma. Forget about exchanging your tools or load cell cartridges. The Revolving Measurement Unit (RMU) rotates to the correct sensor in seconds. Up to 6 sensors of any type for testing, giving your operator the fastest change-over time between sensors in the industry.

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Explore our virtual showroom

Did you already visit our virtual showroom? It is no reality, but it comes pretty close to it. Feel free to move around in the interactive virtual xyztec showroom, and activate the products or services of interest. Additional information on the items of your interest will pop up. You have the opportunity to watch product videos go through our newest brochures and manuals with a mouse click. Click and explore our virtual showroom. 


Take a look for yourself

Still curious about the xyztec offices and workspaces? You are always welcome to take a look for yourself. If you are in the neighborhood or want to discuss the opportunities we can offer you, please let us know. Let’s meet up and contact us!

xyztec office PA 3 600x400

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