EPIC invests in Sigma bond tester

EPIC invests in Sigma bond tester

Sigma bond tester EPIC

EPIC, Electronics and Photonics Innovation Centre, recently invested in the world’s most advanced bond tester; Sigma, manufactured by technology leader xyztec.

EPIC is a modern innovation technology center, based in Torbay, Devon (UK), to support worldwide electronics and photonics companies. It is designed to meet the needs and expectations of modern businesses. The center provides offices, labs, and cleanroom facilities equipped with the latest technologies from world-leading companies. In addition to the individual units, tenants benefit from the wide range of communal areas and access to the latest, top of the range inspection equipment.

With the installation of a Sigma, EPIC provides an essential tool for quality control and to test the mechanical strength of bonds with unparalleled precision. Wayne Loschi, EPIC Centre Director said, “I’m confident that a Sigma bond tester option will be an excellent asset for EPIC’s tenants, and I look forward to working with xyztec.”

Xyztec is proud that EPIC appointed xyztec as its partner for a bond tester and counts on successful cooperation.

The partnership also sees EPIC being a demo facility for this xyztec system. It will enable interested parties to view and trial the equipment in EPIC’s Prototyping Suite.

About xyztec

Xyztec designs and manufactures innovative systems for quality assurance to ensure the reliability of many products in multiple industries. With over 20 years of experience, they have established their name as a technology leader in bond testing worldwide. With 100% focus on bond testing, xyztec takes on challenges to create innovative, customized solutions built on proven technologies.

The Sigma systems are the world’s most accurate bond testers, modular by design, and able to perform full automation for any bond testing requirement. The Revolving Measurement Unit allows for continuous testing and to house up to six sensors in one test head. By combining a bond tester with a handler, operator free testing is possible.

Today, Sigma bond testers are a valuable solution to academic institutes and industrial partners across the world. With 7 direct offices around the world and an extensive network of both distributors and regional representatives, xyztec offers local support to solve process control challenges for their partners.

Sigma bond tester EPIC

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