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Automatic testing

Automation SmartVision

See the unseen

See the unseen with up to 3 live camera options. Bring out the features of interest with images or videos using high-resolution cameras, flexible LED illumination, and fantastic image processing options. Well shot images can be the input for automatic grading.

Downward looking camera

Downward looking camera

  • Image capturing
  • Position recognitions (fiducials and wires)
  • Failure modes analysis and grading
Side view camera

Side view

  • Secondary viewpoint
  • Tool alignment
Trinocular camera

Trinocular camera

  • Live video imaging
  • Tool alignment

High resolution cameras

Exceptional vision systems are a must-have to achieve robust automation processes. A sigma comes with perpendicular downward looking cameras in your choice of 2 magnifications (3x, 6x) in addition to a standard Large Field of View (LFOV) configuration. These ensure Sigma systems have excellent vision functionality to support high-resolution image processing, best-in-class tool position management, feature recognition, and grading.


If multiple magnifications are required, 2 rigidly mounted cameras provide better inherent accuracy than 1 camera with a zoom. To realize optimal tool alignment, we offer a camera in the trinocular microscope for live video imaging and/or a side-view camera to provide a different point of view.

Camera options
Image processing

Image processing

Highlight the features of interest with images or video capturing, flexible LED illumination, and settings control for brightness, intensity, and colors using machine vision software for advanced shape recognition. Easily store the images for failure analysis reporting, operator training, or customer presentations.

3x objective=400x
2x2 mm field of view 2 µm optical resolution 30 µm depth of focus
6x objective=800x
1x1 mm field of view 1.5 µm optical resolution 20 µm depth of focus
Ring light

Magnification is based on a 1440×900 resolution screen.

Optical 3D function

With composite surface imaging techniques, it is possible to determine the heights of a feature on samples accurately. You can use optical 3D functions to determine loop heights without touching the wire or to produce images on which everything is in focus.


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