Mitigate environmental hazards in GaAs device shear testing

Mitigate environmental hazards in GaAs device shear testing


Operator environment safety is key

If we learned anything from 2020, it is that the health and safety of our environment matters. With this in mind, we are proud to introduce our unique, first-in-class work holder solution for supporting the health and safety of cleanroom operators working with Gallium-Arsenide (GaAs) semiconductor device shear testing.

Vacuum-safe shear testing work holder

The new work holder solution uses a vacuum to apply a region of negative pressure over the shear testing site. This vacuum removes any hazardous materials generated in the test process to ensure a clean and safe environment for the operator.

The vacuum-safe shear testing work holder seamlessly integrates with your existing part requirements and cleanroom infrastructure. If necessary, you can customize both the waffle-pack dimensions and vacuum connections to support your needs.


Compatible with any Sigma

Like all specialized work holders, this new offering will mount perfectly in any Sigma using our “quick release” clamping mechanism. Quick-release clamping gaurantees consistent alignment on the stages and a fast installation. Once installed, the work holder is fully compatible with xyztec’s suite of automation capabilities to support shear testing, auto grading, and upstream/downstream communication with other systems in your cleanroom.

Quick release handle

Safe testing environment for your operators

We commit to give our customers the safest testing environment possible. With this new work holder solution, we provide another layer of safety to the work environment for operators performing shear testing on GaAs semiconductor devices.


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